Message from Chairman

I was appointed as the Chairman of the Board at the Board meeting held after the close of the annual general meeting on June 1, 2022. I am going to say a few words upon my appointment as the Chairman.

First, I want to take this opportunity to again express my respect to everyone who has made efforts to establish and develop the Japanese Society of Certified Pension Actuaries (JSCPA). Thanks to the efforts of our predecessors, we, pension actuaries, are now able to work as professionals in our own rights. I therefore want to express my respect as well as gratitude for the work they have done.
I also want to again convey my gratitude to the former Chairman Ogawa who has made enormous contribution to the development of JSCPA and the expansion of the activity areas of its members during his tenure through such works as the publication of “Recommendations on the spread and improvement of the corporate pension system,” establishment of the “Actuarial Standard of Practice and Actuarial Guidance in relation to Defined Contribution Pension Plans,” and the correspondence to the revision of the educational syllabus by the International Actuarial Association.

The spread of COVID-19 infections has unwittingly changed the way we work. It may become a catalyst to further increase various types of workstyles in the future. Compensation systems, such as salaries, bonuses, and retirement benefits, and work arrangements, may also increasingly diversify. It will, however, not change the fact that the corporate pension system is one of the pillars that support the foundations of the lives of senior citizens. In order to make the corporate pension system sustainable, even if it continues to diversify, we need financial management and system reviews with an eye on the future and tailored to each era. The roles of pension actuaries engaged in advice and consulting in this regard are therefore very important. To fulfill these roles, pension actuaries need to individually improve their knowledge and skills and enhance their value as professionals. In this respect, JSCPA supports them through, for instance, offering opportunities for education and training.

Given these changes in the environment, we feel the need to consider whether the corporate pension system should remain the same as it is now and what kind of system will be required in the future. For this reason, JSCPA hopes to make proposals on the corporate pension system and related matters, while considering trends in the review of the public pension system.

All JSCPA officers are committed to continue working to the best of our abilities to further promote public-interest activities for the spread and development of the corporate pension system. In addition, JSCPA’s activities need proactive participation of our members. We appreciate the cooperation you have given us to date and look forward to your continued understanding, further support, and cooperation into the future.

June 2022
Toshitake Harada
Chairman of the Board and Representative Director
The Japanese Society of Certified Pension Actuaries

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