Committees and Task Forces, and their Roles


Committee Roles
Planning and Coordination To plan the JSCPA's activities, and coordinate with other relevant organizations
General Affairs To prepare the JSCPA’s annual business plans and budget drafts, and operate general meetings
Education and Seminar To provide education and seminars on pension and social security to members and/or non-members, and administer the CPD program
Public Relations To prepare bulletins, PR brochures and other materials, and maintain the JSCPA's website
International Relations To communicate and exchange information with relevant international or oversees organizations and specialists, such as the International Actuarial Association
Administration To prepare drafts of internal rules, and operate the secretariat
Research To conduct research on pensions and provide reading/reference list
Funding Standards To prepare drafts of standards on actuarial practice in relation to funding of corporate pension plans
Disciplinary To examine the members' penalties under the Code of Professional Conduct and Discipline Process
Examination To execute the knowledge and skill examinations of the JSCPA
Post-employment benefits Accounting Standards To prepare drafts of standards on actuarial practice in relation to post-employment benefits accounting
Promotion of University Education To promote education regarding pension actuarial subjects at universities

Task Forces

Task Force Roles
Information and Communications Technology (ICT) To consider the utilization of ICT and develop the system, e.g. website and e-learning
Recommendations on Corporate Pension To prepare drafts of recommendations on corporate pension
Examination and Education Review To review the JSCPA’s system of examination and education based on the proposed amendment of the IAA education syllabus

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